Our legal expertise serves as a highly protective shield against any liabilities and/or mistakes that may be sustained against the taxpayers who are subject to the regulatory laws of corporate and income taxes, contracts and technical charges and all other funds collected by the General Revenue and Tax Administration of State. We further handle the issues relating to tax returns, audit procedures, tax assessments and tax exemptions.

We pay careful attention to the cases related to the Customs Authority, customs transactions, customs clearance, customs charge assessments and the regulatory laws thereof. We further care for the cases related to travels, goods, means of transportation (transit), temporary entry of various objects, re-exportation, currency conversion, negotiable instruments, precious metals and stones, anti-money laundering and all the laws and executive decrees on border procedures required to be undertaken at the customs outlets. Moreover, we do care for the protection of the intellectual property rights related to the goods, the protection against infringement and piracy, the goods exempted from charges, and all the related laws and regulations.