Today, the State of Qatar is strongly expected to have the honor of organizing the FIFA World Cup competition. With our heart and soul, we are keen to provide absolute support to the sport and sportsmen. Our legal teamwork has deep expertise in the sports law and is strongly capable of handling all types of sports cases filed by/against sportsmen and sporting clubs, providing legal advisory services on sports issues, drawing up players purchase contracts and persistently protecting them from any future impediments and/or problems. We further act to ensure the rights and legally handle all the transactions concluded by the sporting clubs, institutions, and sporting academies. We further undertake the procedures required for obtaining licenses from the competent committees at the time of incorporation or relocation. We are fully prepared to provide legal advisory services and draw up contracts regarding the rights of audio and video broadcasting of sporting competitions and matches, sportswear advertisements, sporting places, and the rights of sponsors, patrons and financiers of sporting activities.

Our Law Firm is highly qualified to receive your powers of attorney, care for your best interest, and preserve your rights and profits.