Within an environment encouraging active and positive thoughts, respecting the freedom of opinion, independent reasoning and liberties, journalists and media professionals in the State of Qatar perform their activities. They have an ample chance to support the peoples’ right to freedom and dignity and to effectively discuss and raise their fair cases.

Through this warm, friendly atmosphere, our legal advisers and experts actively monitor and positively contribute to the development of such significant field of action. If you wish to establish a new media platform, you may contact us to obtain the required legal support, which starts with the procedures of obtaining a license to issue a printed or electronic newspaper. We carefully apply, submit and abide by all the license conditions, documents and grace periods, as required for proper procurement of such license.

If you are a victim of an aggressive media dialogue, our experts will support your legal right to respond and claim indemnity. If you exercise media activities, we are capable of protecting you from any impediments or problems that may hinder your media message. Our experts will enable you to review all the legal requirements that should be met in this respect.

If you exercise your right of expression through mass media, including inter alia, the Radio, T.V, theatres, cinema or internet, please rest assured that our Law Firm is your legal supporter and sincere guide as regards the requirements of the competent authorities and censorship committees, including Prints and Publication Law No.8/1979 and Law No. 5/1998 on the Establishment of the National Council for Culture and Arts, the requirements of the Ministry of Information and the Radio and T.V Authority, Royal Decree No. 36/2004 on the Establishment of the High Council for Communication and Information Technology, Royal Decree No. 9/2009 on the Establishment of the Qatar Media Institution, and all other laws and decrees of concern.

In a State duly applying the principles of free opinion and free expression and with our absolute legal support, you may freely move on to a wider scope of creativity and innovation.