Our Law Firm pays special attention to the oil, gas and mining cases, including, inter alia, the cases filed by/against the oil companies and their employees. We do understand that such field of business is highly significant for the scientific and technological development and for the future of the whole world. Therefore, we provide proper legal drafting and careful review services for various types of contracts, including, but is not limited to, the partnership agreements, works contracts, production apportionment contracts, and the contracts that regulate the rights of the contracting States and companies. In our deep studies of such field of business, we focus on the legislation constancy and sanctity conditions. In conformity with the currently prevailing world trend, our teamwork has considerable knowledge and wide expertise in handling arbitration cases on oil and gas contracts, where we carefully review and strictly adhere to the applicable laws, the UN regulations, the private international law, the international commercial law. We further have a strong database on the legal precedence and the most up-to-date arbitral awards rendered in the field.