Employment contracts, Sponsorship system, and the related problems constitute a major concern to companies, institutions and other public and private authorities. Our legal experts pay much attention to these issues due to the importance thereof to employees in Qatar, for their significant impact on their lives and their families.

Accordingly, our Law Firm’s policy do focus on properly drafting and duly notarizing the employment contracts, and providing legal advisory services to avoid any future impediments, problems or conflicts in the employment issues. They further give due care for the preservation of rights and the prevention of human trafficking and violation of the human and financial rights of laborers.

Our Law Firm greatly cares for such field of Law, as guided by its Managing Partner and Founder, Mrs. Ghada Darwsih, who pays special and personal attention to the labor cases and human rights by reason of her gained wide experience in these arenas, based on her previous position as Head of the Investigations and Legal Advice at the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) in Qatar.

Our legal teamwork provides highly effective legal assistance to the corporate and institutional clients regarding a variety of employment contracts and restructuring actions. Moreover, we are fully prepared to conduct professionally and expertly internal investigations for the companies, corporations and authorities. This is to enable our valued clients to professionally apply the fact-finding principles and avoid the complicated and perfunctory official investigations.

– Your contact with our Law Firm will enable us to provide you with our deep expertise and legal assistance and will encourage us to exert every effort to confirm that you place your trust in the right hands.