Our Law Firm is supported with a variety of legal advisers of high expertise. Some of those legal advisers previously occupied senior judicial positions at courts. Our expertise in the legal proceedings, investigations, and Law allow our valued clients to avoid any procedural complications.

We understand that the means of amicable settlement, conciliation and arbitration are not less important than litigation and would save effort and money and be easier for our valued clients to regain their rights and resolve their disputes.

We do also understand the significance of the alternative means of settlement of disputes (ADR), which save time and effort to reach a final settlement of the disputes. For this purpose, we have top-tier international commercial arbitration experts who are professionally capable of drafting arbitration agreements and clauses. We are continuously up to date with all developments in the most significant arbitration cases that are adjudicated on by various arbitration institutions, including, inter alia, the ICC, AFA, SCC, ACIC, GCC, International Commercial Arbitration Center, ACIC, Beijing Arbitration Committee (USA and the Caribbean), CRCICA, MILAN-CAM, International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes in Washington, USA, and all other arbitration institutions, which allows us to follow up with all conciliations proceedings, and arbitration cases until final awards are issued.

There is a modern and a highly evolved legal system in Qatar with ancient and classical origins, i.e., the Islamic Law (Sharia) and the Napoleonic Civil Code. Legislative process commenced in 1961. There are Civil and Criminal Courts established for dispute resolution and related procedures.

Arbitration has great significance in the present legal sphere. Every person, whether natural or legal, with normal prudence would wish to settle the disputes irrespective of its nature as early as possible without many complications, at the same time safeguarding their own rights. In this juncture, arbitration performs a very important role in the legal world. Recently, there was framing of a new law on arbitration, which will probably abolish the current arbitration law contained in Articles 190 to 210 of the Civil and Commercial Procedures Law.

It is expected to be issued by the end of 2016. The draft Law stipulates certain requirements that must be met in appointing the Tribunal as to the number of the arbitrators, which is suggested to be an odd number thus enabling the parties to challenge the selection and/or recusal of an arbitrator

The new law will have provisions related to scope of its application, arbitration agreements, formation of tribunals, arbitration procedures and arbitral awards.

As the most recent addition to our activities, and as part of our ever expanding portfolio, we have launched our international arbitration practice division, to enable us to help our clients resolving disputes arising from their international commercial agreements and other international relationships.