The role and impact of the local and multinational companies significantly increase in the market economy. Therefore, the corporate legal services and the other means of handling the problems and overcoming the impediments encountered in the course of partnerships and joint ventures are highly significant issues as compared to the articles of incorporation and association that govern the companies and their legal systems. Our legal experts have high capability and deep expertise in the Companies and Trade Laws. They are greatly capable of overcoming any emergent changes or impediments that may face our valued clients in the course of their business. We do have the capability and expertise in undertaking any incorporation and corporate registration procedures. We properly draft all types of corporate legal documentation that govern the companies to prevent any future complications and enhance their effective presence in the local and international markets.

With all their legal expertise, our legal advisers endeavor to best serve our valued clients, whether companies, institutions, authorities or individuals. They expertly provide legal advisory services, draft partnership agreements, and incorporation documents, provide legally based proposals and recommendations and handle all types of corporate cases as follows:

1- Companies incorporation, dissociation, governance and reconstruction documents;

2- Commercial agency contracts;

3- Logistic support and services contracts;

4- Commercial agency licenses;

5- Supply contracts;

6- Software contracts;

7- Advertisement and marketing contracts;

8- Commercial Arbitration cases and agreements;

9- Software development contracts;

10- Banking sectors and financial institutions cases;

11- Shares, bonds, securities, subscriptions and trading cases;

12- Insurance and reinsurance cases;

13- Communication, mobiles, technology and information circulation cases;

14- Concession and area development agreements;

15- Customers and suppliers agreements;

16- Investment sector and free and industrial zones cases; and

17- Works, construction, and supply cases.

Our experts and legal advisers in our Law Firm further handle all types of cases regarding insurance, commercial bankruptcy and civil insolvency in all fields of action.

Our Law Firm has a highly effective and greatly distinguished teamwork duly assigned to handle the cases of debt recovery, bank accounts, credit cards, loans, L/Cs and other banking transactions in general.

We further have a wide-scale expertise in handling the cases of bankruptcy, civil insolvency and undertaking the bankruptcy procedures and judicial settlements until the bankruptcy is finalized.

In the course of our legal representation, we do aim to serve the best interest of our valued clients and exert every legal effort possible to achieve their success and progress.