We do understand the high significance of the relations of a civil nature, the civil cases, and the civil disputes. Civil Law is the parent law, on which a variety of other laws are based, including, inter alia, the commercial, labor, maritime, air, private international and economic laws. The Civil Law governs the civil transactions, settlements of civil disputes, and the various types of contracts with their rights and obligations. Therefore, Civil Law represents a reference for all other laws, judgments, and awards, unless otherwise provisions are stated therein.

Our legal advisers and lawyers properly draft, expertly interpret and provide legal advisory service, and widely explain and construe, before various courts, all types of civil and commercial contracts. Our experts further file all types of cases to ensure the return of the rights to their proprietors and handle the related compensation cases that arise from contractual liabilities, tort, accidents of all types and the intentionally perpetrated crimes. Please rest assured that our teamwork is fully prepared to provide you with any and all legal support starting from the date of raising a dispute, through the litigation phases and until a final judgment is rendered and your rights are recovered.