The relation between countries, individuals, authorities, institutions, their employees and the other persons of concern, and the decisions issued by the State and its administrative authorities based on their regulations and unilateral decrees all represent the focus and scope of competence of the administrative judiciary. Such judiciary is deemed to be the fortified castle that protects those who deal with the administrative authorities from mistakes or erroneous acts.

Our Law Firm is highly distinguished in such field of law. We exert every effort in studying, reviewing and following up the processing and the prescription periods of any complaints and cases. Our experts are capable of filing administrative cases and move for cancellation of erroneous administrative decisions, whether positive or negative and for obtaining compensation for such decisions. They act for returning the functional and financial rights to their owners and return matters to their right position. We believe our memoranda submitted in this respect are considered to be research studies and references for the right proprietors and those who are involved in the field of administrative law.

If you face a positive or negative administrative decision that would threaten your business, projects or would cause prejudice to your rights or financial entitlements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our legal advisers, with their expertise and persistence, will definitely provide the required legal assistance to regain your rights and obtain compensation for the damage incurred.